Three Choices

Some days it feels as if my life has taken a major turn.  I look at who I am compared to who I was and see many similarities and at the same time major differences. I have to admit most days I have spent feeling sorry for myself and rolling in the mire of being one with a traumatic brain injury. Then one morning I saw a quote that helped me see how I had been living with the idea that I had no choice in the matter of my future.  This quote stated that when life gets us down we have three choices to select from. You can let what is happening define you, destroy you, or strengthen you.  I read this insight a few times and then began to realize that I had been focusing on two of the three choices.  I had not yet thought about how what had happened could strengthen me.  I had been too focused on the I can’t side of life to see the I can side of life.  So many people telling me I can’t do this now, or you will never be your old self but nobody, including myself,  were focused on what I now could do.  I began to look back through old albums of my childhood and began to see the things that I have loved since I was little. Things that since being a parent and having a career I had let go. It was then that the lightbulb went off. My retirement was forced.  I had not been given the choice to be happy with the idea but to merely accept it along with not being able to drive and more. If I had retired as I had wanted to I had planned things in my head that I would have done.  I would have sang, crafted, spent time with family, traveled to foreign lands and more.  My injuries were restraining but most of those things that I held so dear were still possible.  In that moment I saw my future in a way that strengthened me. I was now headed into the future with a new way of looking at things. I was going to be who I had wanted to be when I retired, just with some limitations. I was going to move on and get stronger because of it. It was that day that I decided to make this BLOG part of my life to help others while healing myself. HUGZ2all – You have choices as well.

Author: tbi479/survivor

Recently diagnosed with a Traumatic Brain Injury following a roll over I had to leave my career as a Special Education teacher and move into the realm of the unemployed. Having now experienced the topic of a TBI from both sides I am moving into sharing my insights to help others. Teaching the students with a TBI gave me some awareness but not near what I have learned from walking a mile in their shoes. Being unable to teach I have thus committed myself to this blog and to helping how I am able. I hope you glean something from my posts. Love to all.

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