Rollover in town :Against the Odds

via Photo Challenge: Against the Odds

If you had told me that day that I would end up in an SUV on its side after rolling three times I would have told you that you were crazy. I had never known that a large SUV could be pushed over by a mid sized car traveling at 25 mph in town.  I know!  I still cannot believe it! Here is how I know. I was in the back seat on the passenger side of the car when the person driving the SUV I was riding in unknowingly ran a red light. An oncoming mid sized sedan did not brake and drove into the back end of the SUV right behind where I was sitting. As the car hit it went into the rear wheel well and thus acted like a wedge as it continued up and under us. The vehicle I was in rolled over and over and landed on the passenger side. Lying there against the door I saw that parts were broken away and began looking for my cell phone to call for help. As I did so my friend in the front seat began to scream thinking she could smell smoke. Still seeking my cell phone I tossed aside the tools that had flown from the back storage area and hit me in the head aside. Picking up my phone I heard a voice outside the window. It was a fireman! We had wrecked within a block of the village fire department. In moments there was a flurry of activity. Being unable to extract us from the vehicle without cutting off the top they tossed in blankets for us to cover up with and began cutting with multiple tools finally lifting off the roof. I was the last one to be extracted from the SUV. We were all taken to a Trauma Center and live today with residuals from that occurrence.  Against all odds we rolled in the city from coming in contact with a vehicle going 25 mph. I thought that was impossible. But it is not. It is just against the odds.


(The photo is not of our accident – I was unable to take pictures that day)

Author: tbi479/survivor

Recently diagnosed with a Traumatic Brain Injury following a roll over I had to leave my career as a Special Education teacher and move into the realm of the unemployed. Having now experienced the topic of a TBI from both sides I am moving into sharing my insights to help others. Teaching the students with a TBI gave me some awareness but not near what I have learned from walking a mile in their shoes. Being unable to teach I have thus committed myself to this blog and to helping how I am able. I hope you glean something from my posts. Love to all.

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