Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitude

Solitude is found on the trails of the field behind my home.  Here is where I walk and talk to God as I photograph all of the glory that he shares with me.  It is never silent when I walk here. I am accompanied by the whispers of the wind, the calls of the birds, and the buzzing of the bees flitting from one flower to another.  I find that when walking in solitude my senses are more aware of even the most insignificant bug on a flower or the sound of a tractor in the distance. Solitude here is of my choice. I walk here to think, to ponder the past, the present, and the future.  Here is where I listen to God’s voice as he reveals to me things that I hold dear to my heart.  In those moments of solitude I journal what he seems to guide me toward. Then I walk on all the while pondering what has been spoken into my heart. Solitude is a good thing when it is directed toward that goal of connecting with self and God.  I pray that you may find solitude in your life, for here you will find peace and learn to accept things for what they are.  HUGZ

Author: tbi479/survivor

Recently diagnosed with a Traumatic Brain Injury following a roll over I had to leave my career as a Special Education teacher and move into the realm of the unemployed. Having now experienced the topic of a TBI from both sides I am moving into sharing my insights to help others. Teaching the students with a TBI gave me some awareness but not near what I have learned from walking a mile in their shoes. Being unable to teach I have thus committed myself to this blog and to helping how I am able. I hope you glean something from my posts. Love to all.

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