Hesitation Is Risky

via Daily Prompt: Hesitate


“Miss, you have been in an accident. Your vehicle rolled over and we had to cut the roof off to get you out.”

Being turned to the side on the board she was strapped to she threw up again. The pain in her head was immense. If only she had not hesitated to put on her seatbelt correctly before they had pulled out of the parking lot. It was not comfortable and so she had taken the shoulder belt over her head and was attempting to fix it so it did not rub her bare skin. Doing so while in motion on the road was not a good idea. She thought it would be okay as they were in town and she was in the back seat. But when she saw the car in the intersection coming at her she knew she had no time to fix the situation. Before she could say anything the oncoming car had struck the rear wheel well just behind her and set the car tumbling over and over again. All she could do was try to hold on. Thank God she had kept the lap belt on. If she hadn’t she would have been be a free agent inside the tumbling car.

The male voice continued, “Miss, can you tell me your name?”

Trying to think all the while vomiting up phlegm she tried to state what she knew. “My name is Pam. Are my friends okay?”

“They have been transported already. You were the last one taken out of the vehicle. We had a heck of a time getting to as you were buried in tools and stuff from the back end of the car. These new vehicles without trunks are horrible in rollovers. Everything back there becomes air born. Let me take a look at that head of yours while we wait on your transport.”

“My head hurts so bad. There and my back.”

“You must have lost consciousness for a while. We need to place this horse collar onto your neck. You do not want to cause any more damage. When you feel sick we will continue to tip the flat board you are on to the side so you can vomit. You will be transported as soon as the vehicle that took one of your friends gets back. We are a small town and we have only so much help here. So, get comfortable as it may take a while.”

Laying there waiting Pam could hear the voices of the site seers around her. A policeman walked over and began to question her.  “Miss, I need to ask you some questions. First of all, when they found you in the vehicle you were in a weird position. Did you not have your seat belt on?”

“I had my lap belt on but I was in the process of fixing my shoulder strap because it was rubbing my skin. I did not have it on properly. I had hesitated to adjust it when we pulled out of the lot near the ball game.”

“Well Miss that was not a great idea.  That hesitation was quite risky as you can see. You could have been killed.”

In that moment Pam knew that her hesitation was unwise. She had injuries because of it. Her life was possibly going to be altered because of that moment she risked all. But, she was alive.












Author: tbi479/survivor

Recently diagnosed with a Traumatic Brain Injury following a roll over I had to leave my career as a Special Education teacher and move into the realm of the unemployed. Having now experienced the topic of a TBI from both sides I am moving into sharing my insights to help others. Teaching the students with a TBI gave me some awareness but not near what I have learned from walking a mile in their shoes. Being unable to teach I have thus committed myself to this blog and to helping how I am able. I hope you glean something from my posts. Love to all.

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