Be Careful What You Wish For

via Daily Prompt: Desire


Desires come in many shapes and forms. There are the desires of your heart and desires of the mind or soul. But there is one desire that I have heard many people wish for, that desire is to not have to go to work.

Work, that place that we spend far more time than we ever did in school. (Unless you are a teacher.) That place where people get under our skin as we drag ourselves in to be only tormented by paperwork and other rudimentary tasks we bear only for the paycheck. So many people desire to not have to work. I was one of them. I would say most every August when school started back up that summer had been too short and that the winter break was too far away.  I wanted to be with the kids and see them grow academically but as for the rest of it, no thank you. I was one who was jealous of those able to retire for any reason. Yes, I admit I was even jealous of those who got to retire due to a disability. I had seen on my annual statements where when you are retired with a disability you got more money. That looked good; stay home and bring in more than the others that had worked more years to get that same amount. It seemed like a dream if someone got that. I actually wished a few times that I could do that. That I could get the sum total of that payment without having to deal with new regulations, curriculum changes, and irate people. But then something changed.

As most of you know that have read my Blog, I became disabled.  I look back on what had seemed to be a dream come true for those who were on this side of the fence and realize how stupid I had been. I did not think about how I would have to lose my way of life and assume a new one. I had not thought out that I would be disabled. Nor did I know of the immense amount of paperwork to be able to prove to the teacher’s retirement board that I could never work again. Perhaps with a more visible injury, not  a brain injury, it might be easier but I doubt it.

Desires at time are things that we really think we want or need. But, I am here to share with you that many things we desire are not as they seem. Be careful what you wish for, your wish might just come true. When it does, you might not be able to go back to the place where you were. Not all wishes are for the good, nor as they appear to be at this moment.


HUGZ2all – God thank you for my surviving the accident. I know you are with me. Lead me as I blog for your children. Amen




Author: tbi479/survivor

Recently diagnosed with a Traumatic Brain Injury following a roll over I had to leave my career as a Special Education teacher and move into the realm of the unemployed. Having now experienced the topic of a TBI from both sides I am moving into sharing my insights to help others. Teaching the students with a TBI gave me some awareness but not near what I have learned from walking a mile in their shoes. Being unable to teach I have thus committed myself to this blog and to helping how I am able. I hope you glean something from my posts. Love to all.

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