College History Lessons – truth?

via Daily Prompt: Retrospective


I must admit that I was never much of a history buff. I hated the lessons centered around wars and battles. I never could understand why we seemed to study people who had done horrible things.  Yes, we learned about supposed good people like Paul Revere, Christopher Columbus, and others. But, was what we were taught truth?  I must say that I am still learning things that are not the same as in the history texts used in schools both then and now.

Let us look at Margaret Sanger for one. In college I was taught that she was a major leader in the reform of women’s rights. She led the way to birth control and the ability to choose when and if a woman would want to become a mother. I agreed with that idea and saw how in my life as a young person it did matter. I wanted to be a mom but also wanted to limit the size of my family. I learned about her and actually admired her for the ideals she revered that I had been taught.


Imagine my surprise when I was watching a documentary last night and learned that Margaret Sanger had purported what the KKK believed in. She spoke to them in May of 1926 in New Jersey.  She along with them believed in the “purging of human weeds”.  Among these weeds were idiots, insane, and feeble-minded. Her stance was not one of killing people via gas chambers, as Hitler had, but through their death prior to birth.  She believed in a means in which those not up to snuff could be eliminated and thus their population would be reduced.  This would include those who were not white. Her “Negro Project”  worked and in many ways still does. More black pre-born children are aborted every year than whites.

When I learned of this news I felt cheated. I was told only part of the history that surrounded this woman and I had thus revered her. I had never known of her engagement with the KKK nor her reason for beginning Planned Parenthood. It made me reflect back on the lessons I had taught as a teacher and if in fact I had taught partial truths to my students.  I wonder why we are spoon fed partial truths. Is it a control method to keep us accepting of ideas we are not supposed to completely understand? Is it so that we become idiots;  puppets to the gov’t and work to pay for their ideals?  Is it so that we think it is wonderful when people like Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi receive the Sanger award?  I don’t know, but it makes me mad that the people of America are being told half truths.  In retrospective I wonder what else I was taught in my years of paying for my college education that were untruths. I’m mad that I was cheated from learning the truth – as an American I expected far better than that. Perhaps I could go back to the University and demand that I can retake the course for free. But then, the prof would probably just regurgitate the same old lies I learned in the eighties.


Dear Scammer Person,

As I walked to the mailbox I was expecting to find a packet from STRS about my disability retirement. Finding an envelope that had been shipped via express USPS I grew excited in hopes of good news. Instead, inside I found a letter from you. It explained to me how to go about cashing the cashier’s check and from there to deposit in into my bank account etc. I thought it was a joke when I saw the check for over $2,000 inside with the letter. I began to do some research on the firm you stated you were mailing the check from. I know I was supposed to be a mystery shopper for you and in return I got money to spend at a local store.  But, the whole idea seemed ludicrous! I was going to get over $300 for shopping! Well, when I broke it down I realized that if I deposited that check into my account and then made out no name on them cashiers checks to  mail to you I could lose big time! If your check was no good you would get a good check from me and I would be out. I am not that stupid scammer person. I may have a traumatic brain injury but I am not stupid! I want you to know that you are hurting people that you scam. You don’t even know me. I have been without a pay check for over two years now! My spouse has been supporting us and paying all of my medical bills. How DARE YOU try to scam me? DO you even have a heart or a sense of what you are doing is WRONG? Now, you are texting me. I am not going to cash that check nor deposit it! I am not going to be a part of your making money off of hard working people who are barely paying their bills. How did you get my name? How did you get my address? I wish you would leave me alone. I want you to get caught scammer person. You are the low of the low in my opinion. I am not to judge as I am a Christian and I want you to know that I almost cashed your check for cash and gave it all to the poor. But, I didn’t. I will not stoop to your level. I would know I have sinned and would regret it. God knows what you are doing scammer person. He knows all and sees all. Someday you may have to answer for what you do. But, as for now know that I am one who did not fall for your scheme. I hope you lost money because of it. I will stand up for what is right and I pray others do as well. I pray you get caught. I pray you find a way to make money without scamming good people. I have had no income for a long time and yet you chose me?? LOL I have no money to take scammer person.  I have faith in most people. but you take the cake. Get a job!