Wailing Wall :Weekly Photo – Historical

This is a picture that I took of the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. This shot is primarily focused on the men’s side of the prayer area. There are head coverings available to borrow in this area. The women pray in the area to the right. Both have areas where you wash your hands as you enter. Inside you may pray near the wall and place prayer requests onto small pieces of paper that you have folded up. It is amazing to see the amount of prayers placed here in this sacred spot. HUGZ2all  God bless


Weekly photo – Spiral

http://www.chihuly.com/ (Go to this website to see more Chihuly art)


One of my favorite things to photograph is Chihuly art. The photo above was taken in Columbus, Ohio. I was in awe of the complexity of the piece as it spiraled to and fro capturing the essence of the lighting in the room.  Combinations of transparent and opaque glass seemed to make an illusional world in which the butterflies in the conservatory could light.


This next photo was taken as I lay on my back in the walkway and took the photo straight up through the pieces of glass that lay above me in an archway. The images that my camera captured amazed me. It is almost like a menagerie of sea creatures in amongst flowers. Most who have seen this one say that they see jelly fish and more. This is one of my favorite photos I have ever taken.

For those of you who like to use a camera to capture wonderful pictures I challenge you to take photos of Chihuly art. Take them at varied angles and positions and watch what comes about when you view them. God bless. I hope you capture beauty in your world.  HUGZ


Weekly Photo Challenge: Floor

This is response to the weekly photo challenge that I am growing to LOVE!  Hope you enjoy this as much as I do!

This picture was taken in the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, the site where Jesus was born. This piece of flooring has been uncovered for people to see it. It is underneath the area that we walk on as tourists and worshippers today. There were other pieces of flooring that we saw while in the Holy Lands such as tiling that still exist in Herod’s home etc.  It is amazing how such glorious handwork has lasted over centuries.  I chose this one as my favorite picture taken of flooring. Perhaps in another challenge I will post more.

Here is a link to more pictures of this flooring on Bing: (taken by others)


https://daffodilwild.wordpress.com/photo-challenge/  – This is a link  to the site with the listing of photo challenges.

The Road Taken

Photo prompt: The Road Taken

Prior to the days of the technological tools that we now depend upon, cell phones and GPS systems,  I had decided to sing at a Christian event far from home.  I went even though it was in the middle of farm country away from the main roads and highways. Finding my way there in the daylight was even more challenging than I thought it might be as there were closed roads along the way that I had to reroute for. Even then I wondered how I would get out of there that night in the dark. Upon arriving at the venue I checked in and gave them my cassettes to back me up when I praised the Lord with my voice. I had gotten there late and thus was placed in the lineup toward the end of the evening. I admit that I was quite nervous about getting back home at  a decent hour. I wanted to be there when the kids got up in the morning and not upset my spouse by his not knowing where I was.  Praising God from the crowd I lost myself in the glory of his presence and soon got up to sing on the stage. It felt good to lead the gathered in song. For a time my concern of driving home and to not worry my family was lost in the moment. Praising God with song among those with same intent was inspiring. But, as in all times of worship the sermons ended and the songs drew to a close. It was time to go home. As I walked to the car I noticed the stillness of the night. There was not much moonlight to light my way and the lack of street lights did not help. I had my Google map information with me but it seemed to be of not much help as seeing the road signs was nearly impossible and the reroutes had been plentiful.  I began wondering why I had not just gone home in the light of day and not even gone to perform. But, I knew why. I wanted to praise with God’s people. Driving on into the night I became disoriented and the roads were confusing. I grew tired and had no place to stop for directions. I pulled over to the side of the road and took out my paper map of the state. I had no idea where to look on it. I began to cry as it grew late and by now I was tired and needed sleep. With no other recourse I bowed my head and began to pray. I asked God to help me get home safely. Just then a dark colored car pulled by me. It was the first car I had seen in a while so I pulled out and began to follow it. I couldn’t see anything but the fact that there were two people in that car. I watched as we approached the next intersection. It appeared that the one in the passenger seat seemed to be motioning for me to turn to the right. I blinked and looked again. Again I saw the arm motions to go right. I questioned what I was seeing but trusted that this was the answer to my prayer. I turned right and drove on for quite some time before coming to a main road leading to a highway. It was here that I knew what to do with the aid of my Ohio map. I turned onto the highway and began to weep. In that moment of being lost God had reached out to ME. He had seen that I was one of his lost sheep and he found me and helped me to get back home. I will never forget that night. Not because I got to sing so much but more so for the lesson that I learned. Faith is so much more than prayer and praising. It is knowing that God is always with us. He knows our every move, our every thought. I look back on that day and know that God is always with me. I just need to have that faith, the size of a mustard seed. to realize it. Trust that he is with you. Choose the path toward him. He is there waiting for you with open arms. You are loved. HUGZ




Seed: Weekly Photo Challenge

Have you ever wondered how one small seed can produce enough zucchini to feed your family? Or maybe, how one acorn can turn into a mighty oak tree? Well, having been blessed with the privilege of having land to dedicate to the wildlife we decided to do both. On our property we have planted so many seeds. Some have grown into trees that are now over our heads. Others have been planted into a small garden to be harvested and later canned for our dinner table. But of all of the seeds we have planted the milkweed seeds have brought me the most joy. These small seeds that I gotten from friends with adjacent fields have flourished and brought in the Monarch butterflies. From what I have heard, it is this plant that the Monarchs lay their eggs in. The beauty of this plant never fails me. To be able to watch it go through its life stages is quite a small miracle. But even more than that is the glory to see a Monarch flit about nearby in search of the milkweed. There are days that I walk and photograph the butterflies but I have found that the photos I have taken of the pods bursting out into seed are among my favorites. The light seems to capture the essence of a seed. It is life springing forth and then attempting to find that fertile soil in which to place itself. Drifting aloft these seeds often land on harsh soil or in a mown yard but overall they still flourish. Over time, these wee seeds have brought in birds and butterflies galore. I cherish the call of the bird and the gentleness of the butterfly. Some days I can almost touch one as they dance amongst the field.
Seeds are an amazing part of the life cycle. They bring us such joy and yet we never really take the time to relish in their wonder. Thank God for seeds. Without them we would not be able to live. In fact, without a small seed having been planted in the womb of your mother you would not be reading this now. God bless. HUGZ

Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitude

Solitude is found on the trails of the field behind my home.  Here is where I walk and talk to God as I photograph all of the glory that he shares with me.  It is never silent when I walk here. I am accompanied by the whispers of the wind, the calls of the birds, and the buzzing of the bees flitting from one flower to another.  I find that when walking in solitude my senses are more aware of even the most insignificant bug on a flower or the sound of a tractor in the distance. Solitude here is of my choice. I walk here to think, to ponder the past, the present, and the future.  Here is where I listen to God’s voice as he reveals to me things that I hold dear to my heart.  In those moments of solitude I journal what he seems to guide me toward. Then I walk on all the while pondering what has been spoken into my heart. Solitude is a good thing when it is directed toward that goal of connecting with self and God.  I pray that you may find solitude in your life, for here you will find peace and learn to accept things for what they are.  HUGZ