Observations of Nuances of Faith

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Have you ever watched those of faith as they go about their day to day living? How do they act in relation to others? How do they act at church?  Or maybe when in the church working or volunteering, how do they act then? In our minds we may think that they all act the same. But, do they?

I am a people watcher. I learn a lot about people in that way. I love to watch how they react to certain circumstances and to certain people. Take for example a Christian meeting someone who uses the Lords name in vain. Some of them simply go on and attempt to ignore what just occurred. Others join in with the same type of talk and do not seem to be aware. Then there are those who bless the person privately and ask God to be with them and to guide them to not do so.  Each one goes to church on Sunday. Each one professes faith to their God, but their reactions differ.

Judgement of others is another big area. I love to watch people as they serve those in need.  Most are caring and loving. They are tender to those in need and lift them up and use words that edify. Yet, I have also met those who scorn them behind their backs and accuse them of things that are not always true. They judge them.  All people need our love and our understanding. All are created in the image of God just as we are.

I am not writing this as to condemn people of faith. I am writing this as a tool for you to think about your actions. How do you act when out and about the world? How do you act while at work? How do you react to someone who is different than you are?  How about how you treat those in need? We are all human. We are all sinners. Yet, we can look at our actions and how they must seem to those about us.

Subtle nuances of our actions, our words, our ways are seen by all. Are you a dollar a week, an hour a week Christian or do you act like what you believe in at all times? During this season of Lent ask God to reveal to you the areas of need in your life. I know he has revealed many to me. May God be with you on this journey we call life. I wish you many good things. HUGZ  God bless you.






So Nervous about Dying

via Daily Prompt: Nervous

Nervous, so nervous. I had just overheard the doctor telling my family that I should be getting better by now. I had been on an IV diet for a week with no food or water and yet the pain remained. I began to think about so many things and my nerves were about shot. I could not get out of bed to take care of things that I felt I needed to do. I did not even have a cell phone to call those I loved to talk to them. All I could think of was how I wanted to be there to one day meet my sons’ loved ones and my possible grandchildren.  I wanted to live!

Then an odd thing happened. I was asleep and soon realized that I was floating above my body. I could actually see my form laying on the bed below me. Next,  I realized that I had no pain! There was no pain at all!   I began trying different things. I thought maybe I could fly  out of the room and down the hall to see other things.  I had been in that room for a long time. I tried but in that moment I went elsewhere.  I was back in the house I lived in as a small child. I could smell what was cooking in the kitchen, I could hear my mother’s voice and see my brother next to me watching the television. It was as if I had time traveled back in time to that location and then was whisked to another place and time with my brother. Each new place was experienced by all of my senses. Yet, I had no pain and I did not feel ill at all.  Those episodes lasted for a while until I was taken to a place where there was a valley with a lake. There were large hills behind it. Here I was met by something like a receiving line of people who had passed away. They were mostly people from my husband’s side of the family. One had on overalls and had a tool in his hand. He had loved to work on cars in his lifetime. Another one had a cow near him. He had been a farmer and had one cow he kept as a pet until it died of old age. I looked at them and they seemed to see me but we never approached one another.

It was then that I moved into the next part of the experience. I felt a love so pure that I cannot even tell you how it felt. The only thing ever close to it in this life was when I held my newborn sons and looked into their eyes for the first time ever. That pure love is one I will never forget. This was followed by a brief conversation about if I wanted to stay. I relayed to the one I was speaking with that I wanted to stay with my family. I didn’t feel it was my time yet. My husband had just lost his father and now I was so ill and possibly dying myself. How would he deal with all of that?  Finally, I felt as I was going back.

In a flash I was back in my room hovering over my body. Then, I fell back into the form on my bed and the pain, the anguish of my illness returned. I lay there trying to figure out what had just transpired as a nurse walked into the room.

Here I am now years later and I look back on that time in my life from time to time. I want you to know that I have seen that valley since then. I was at the funeral of my husband’s uncle in Southern Ohio and when we pulled into the cemetery I looked to the right and saw the hills and the valley. I about leaped out of the car right then and there. I listened to the prayers but all the while I was reading the names on the tombstones in the area. After the ceremony I talked to my spouse and he took me around the cemetery and walked with me to view the valley. This cemetery had so many from his heritage buried there. I had never seen that valley before that day, but it is forever engraved in my mind’s eye.

I am no longer nervous about dying. I know now that I will be in a place filled with a love so pure that I look forward to it. I want to be there one day with my family and loved ones. I want to see that valley and run into the arms of the grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles, and best friends and most of all our children lost in this life. Back then, I was so nervous about dying. But now I am so blessed as those nerves have been washed away and I am calm. Calm and blessed, what more could I ask for?


HUGZ2all  God bless!







Ruminate on This

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Think on this. Meditate on it. Devour it. Dissect it.  Ruminate on each word and then you shall see the true meaning of the Lord’s Prayer revealed to you.

Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done on Earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil. Amen.

The Lord’s Prayer was the response to the question posed to Jesus as to how shall we pray? If you travel to Jerusalem and go up onto the Mount of Olives you can visit the gardens where this took place. You can also see this simple prayer translated into all of the languages of the world.  We took pictures of many of them and were amazed to think of all of the people who pray these words in their own tongue. (The one above is in Creole, one of the languages spoken in Haiti) This simple prayer is one prayed by the masses but how often is it prayed in rote? How often is it prayed without even thinking about the meaning of the words or why Jesus asked us to pray in this manner?

Today and in days to come I ask you to look once again at this prayer Jesus asked us to pray. I am not here to tell you what it means but just as one asking you to visit it again and to look at what it teaches you today.  God gave you these words for a reason. Ruminate on what that reason is. You will be enlightened.


God bless you. HUGZ2all


Weekly Photo Challenge: Floor

This is response to the weekly photo challenge that I am growing to LOVE!  Hope you enjoy this as much as I do!

This picture was taken in the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, the site where Jesus was born. This piece of flooring has been uncovered for people to see it. It is underneath the area that we walk on as tourists and worshippers today. There were other pieces of flooring that we saw while in the Holy Lands such as tiling that still exist in Herod’s home etc.  It is amazing how such glorious handwork has lasted over centuries.  I chose this one as my favorite picture taken of flooring. Perhaps in another challenge I will post more.

Here is a link to more pictures of this flooring on Bing: (taken by others)


https://daffodilwild.wordpress.com/photo-challenge/  – This is a link  to the site with the listing of photo challenges.

Swarming In

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One of the biggest crowds I have ever been in was in Atlanta during the summer Olympics in 1996. We went there just after the bombing that had taken place days before. Friends of ours wondered why we would take our sons to such a place. Yet, I felt that we would be all right. God would protect us. While there the crowds were immense. The subways were the worst where people were packed in like sardines in a tin can train. Yet, even there we held onto our sons hands and were not afraid. There was only one time that we left an area and met at a predesignated spot. The reason for doing so was that there was a briefcase that had been left in the venue in which we were walking. We could see someone in uniform approaching it with caution. He was trying to figure out what it was. At that moment my husband and I looked at one another and rapidly took the boys out of that area. Looking back I could see the swarms of people going to see what was happening.  It amazed me that most people were swarming in to the site not away from it. I have always wondered why they would do so. I am thankful that the briefcase was not a threat nor a bomb. But, I will never forget the number of people who risked their safety and the safety of their loved ones in an effort to get a picture or be close to the action. Swarming in to that location was the last thing that I wanted to do.  I just wanted to keep my loved ones safe.

Be Careful What You Wish For

via Daily Prompt: Desire


Desires come in many shapes and forms. There are the desires of your heart and desires of the mind or soul. But there is one desire that I have heard many people wish for, that desire is to not have to go to work.

Work, that place that we spend far more time than we ever did in school. (Unless you are a teacher.) That place where people get under our skin as we drag ourselves in to be only tormented by paperwork and other rudimentary tasks we bear only for the paycheck. So many people desire to not have to work. I was one of them. I would say most every August when school started back up that summer had been too short and that the winter break was too far away.  I wanted to be with the kids and see them grow academically but as for the rest of it, no thank you. I was one who was jealous of those able to retire for any reason. Yes, I admit I was even jealous of those who got to retire due to a disability. I had seen on my annual statements where when you are retired with a disability you got more money. That looked good; stay home and bring in more than the others that had worked more years to get that same amount. It seemed like a dream if someone got that. I actually wished a few times that I could do that. That I could get the sum total of that payment without having to deal with new regulations, curriculum changes, and irate people. But then something changed.

As most of you know that have read my Blog, I became disabled.  I look back on what had seemed to be a dream come true for those who were on this side of the fence and realize how stupid I had been. I did not think about how I would have to lose my way of life and assume a new one. I had not thought out that I would be disabled. Nor did I know of the immense amount of paperwork to be able to prove to the teacher’s retirement board that I could never work again. Perhaps with a more visible injury, not  a brain injury, it might be easier but I doubt it.

Desires at time are things that we really think we want or need. But, I am here to share with you that many things we desire are not as they seem. Be careful what you wish for, your wish might just come true. When it does, you might not be able to go back to the place where you were. Not all wishes are for the good, nor as they appear to be at this moment.


HUGZ2all – God thank you for my surviving the accident. I know you are with me. Lead me as I blog for your children. Amen




The Road Taken

Photo prompt: The Road Taken

Prior to the days of the technological tools that we now depend upon, cell phones and GPS systems,  I had decided to sing at a Christian event far from home.  I went even though it was in the middle of farm country away from the main roads and highways. Finding my way there in the daylight was even more challenging than I thought it might be as there were closed roads along the way that I had to reroute for. Even then I wondered how I would get out of there that night in the dark. Upon arriving at the venue I checked in and gave them my cassettes to back me up when I praised the Lord with my voice. I had gotten there late and thus was placed in the lineup toward the end of the evening. I admit that I was quite nervous about getting back home at  a decent hour. I wanted to be there when the kids got up in the morning and not upset my spouse by his not knowing where I was.  Praising God from the crowd I lost myself in the glory of his presence and soon got up to sing on the stage. It felt good to lead the gathered in song. For a time my concern of driving home and to not worry my family was lost in the moment. Praising God with song among those with same intent was inspiring. But, as in all times of worship the sermons ended and the songs drew to a close. It was time to go home. As I walked to the car I noticed the stillness of the night. There was not much moonlight to light my way and the lack of street lights did not help. I had my Google map information with me but it seemed to be of not much help as seeing the road signs was nearly impossible and the reroutes had been plentiful.  I began wondering why I had not just gone home in the light of day and not even gone to perform. But, I knew why. I wanted to praise with God’s people. Driving on into the night I became disoriented and the roads were confusing. I grew tired and had no place to stop for directions. I pulled over to the side of the road and took out my paper map of the state. I had no idea where to look on it. I began to cry as it grew late and by now I was tired and needed sleep. With no other recourse I bowed my head and began to pray. I asked God to help me get home safely. Just then a dark colored car pulled by me. It was the first car I had seen in a while so I pulled out and began to follow it. I couldn’t see anything but the fact that there were two people in that car. I watched as we approached the next intersection. It appeared that the one in the passenger seat seemed to be motioning for me to turn to the right. I blinked and looked again. Again I saw the arm motions to go right. I questioned what I was seeing but trusted that this was the answer to my prayer. I turned right and drove on for quite some time before coming to a main road leading to a highway. It was here that I knew what to do with the aid of my Ohio map. I turned onto the highway and began to weep. In that moment of being lost God had reached out to ME. He had seen that I was one of his lost sheep and he found me and helped me to get back home. I will never forget that night. Not because I got to sing so much but more so for the lesson that I learned. Faith is so much more than prayer and praising. It is knowing that God is always with us. He knows our every move, our every thought. I look back on that day and know that God is always with me. I just need to have that faith, the size of a mustard seed. to realize it. Trust that he is with you. Choose the path toward him. He is there waiting for you with open arms. You are loved. HUGZ