Dreams – real or imagined?

All of my life I have had vivid dreams. I have seen color in them and have flown to many locations in the world. Yet, lately (since the accident wherein I got the TBI) I have begun to notice that my dreams have become more detailed.  At times there are aromas in my dreams. I even can sense the temperature of the area I am in. For example, last night in my dream I was entering an area where there was a tunnel to another area that froze over right in front of where I was swimming.  rousing slightly from my dream I gazed up at the ceiling and saw crystals appearing in my room. They grew for a while and then began to dissolve from my sight as I dozed off to sleep. Returning to the watery dream state I had been in I swam more and more seeing all kinds of vintage items as if I was among the ruins of the Titanic. The last time I arose I came out of my room to see a very heavy fog enveloping our home. I told my husband that we were not going to be able to drive to church as the visibility was far too poor. We would not be able to see. He looked at me and told me it was fine out. I asked him about the fog and he restated that the fog was minor and not an issue at all. I looked again and still saw the pea soup thick fog in front of me.  Confused, I went on into the bathroom and began to prepare for the day.  As I walked I felt as if I was in a daze and waddled while holding onto the wall for a short distance.  By the time I was dressed I seemed to have come out of the state of mind I had been in. We drove on to church but my vision was still muddled and my gait was not yet steady a half an hour later.

Are dreams of those who have a TBI varied from those who do not? Or is it just a personal thing? Has anyone else noticed a variance in your dreams? I am curious about this topic. I am also hoping to begin to document my changes as to aid those who research such changes to those of us with a TBI.

Here again. I would love to know what you know. Please feel free to comment with any insights.


“Concussion”: An afterthought

The film, “Concussion” enlightened me in so many ways that I dare not attempt to list them on this blog site. Yet, I dare say that the way I had thought of a certain all American game had surely been through the rose colored glasses offered to all who live in the states and watch any kind of contact sports. I will not delve into all that the film portrayed as I feel that it is best watched for the details and self discernment. But I do wish to expound upon a few things that I have been thinking about since the film.                1. I have a Traumatic Brain Injury. In the film they talked about the formation of proteins that attack the footballed brain and basically suffocate it. The protein formation is due to multiple impacts to the brain.  It appeared to be progressive and stimulate multiple symptoms as to which, some, I can say I have experienced. Yet, it never did go into much detail about how long this takes to happen and if in fact those of us who have experienced a TBI aside from football are in danger of the same things. If anyone has a simplified article on said topic (or book) I would love to get a copy as to be able to digest it on my mind’s own terms.

2. I have been thinking about how the people in the film were homeless. In my situation I am having a heck of  time trying to prove to my disability panel that I have a TBI.  Seeing the only way at this time to prove their condition was after death it left me with wondering how one might prove such a predicament while still alive. Do you know of anything out there to prove such a thing?

3. Symptomology was visible in the film but they never actually listed the symptoms nor the signs of the condition. I have read on TBI and know that I do exhibit some of the symptoms of that, but how is what was named on the film and my predicament in life the same? different?

I must say that the film and what it has to say will surely bring life to a topic needing to be revealed. I truly enjoyed it and now have a new person to admire for his fortitude and drive in bringing light to a topic well proven. But, it also left me with multiple questions as well. As I move forward I plan to attempt to delve into the science of the truth with TBIs and their effects on all of us. I will attempt to post more often than I have lately. God bless all.  HUGZ





Wailing Wall :Weekly Photo – Historical

This is a picture that I took of the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. This shot is primarily focused on the men’s side of the prayer area. There are head coverings available to borrow in this area. The women pray in the area to the right. Both have areas where you wash your hands as you enter. Inside you may pray near the wall and place prayer requests onto small pieces of paper that you have folded up. It is amazing to see the amount of prayers placed here in this sacred spot. HUGZ2all  God bless

Christian: Label (daily prompt)

via Daily Prompt: Label

Those who follow Jesus and worship God are bundled into one category labeled Christians. This includes a multitude of people of all types of faiths. All of us, even those who declare themselves non Christians are children of God made in his image and made to live here on this Earth with his gift of free will.  Free will to choose according to one’s desires and wants. Free will allowing us to be human and in turn make mistakes.

Mistakes, all of us make them. All of us have parts of our lives wherein if we could go back we would change something we did or said. ALL of us, including Christians, are sinners. None of us are perfect.  God gave us the privilege to be able to choose and that includes whether or not to follow him.

There was a time in my life where I left the church and gave up my faith for years. I had held someone in my life, a human, as my spiritual leader. They had been one who had taken me to church each Sunday, taught me to pray, etc. But then in a moment wherein a decision had to take place they did the opposite of what the church had taught us to do. I was confused and the pain of experiencing that haunted me for a long time. But, then one day I heard someone speak and talk about how we all sin and that I had been worshipping (honoring)a human and not God. I had placed my faith in that person and not the one I had been born to trust and to lean on. Since that day I now see that so many of us place our faith in humans. We expect our spouses to take care of our every need.  We expect our children to care for us when we are elderly, we ask others to bear burdens that were never meant to be theirs. Those burdens were meant to be ours.

As we move forward in this time wherein people scoff and blame we Christians for the errors of the world let us remember that the morals of the world are becoming less about the word of the Lord and more about what the people want. It is a natural thing to want to have fun and do as we please. Yet, in that arises more opportunity for sin.

Pray for all of God’s peoples, those who are of like faith, and those who are not.

Uplift those who are our enemies and scoff us. Pray that God help them see that the reliance on humans for the pleasures of life is not a good path to follow. Pray that more who profess to be of faith enter the houses of God to be with those of like minds.  May they live the life of faith and not just talk the talk.

All who profess their love to God above all things are Christians. The label has been used and misused in so many ways. Shall we begin to see when each occur and lift up our concerns to the Lord. May we always remember that we are members of a group wide in variances and deep in faith. Lift up all people. Use words that edify.  We are all children of God and were woven by him. God bless. Amen.




Weekly photo – Spiral

http://www.chihuly.com/ (Go to this website to see more Chihuly art)


One of my favorite things to photograph is Chihuly art. The photo above was taken in Columbus, Ohio. I was in awe of the complexity of the piece as it spiraled to and fro capturing the essence of the lighting in the room.  Combinations of transparent and opaque glass seemed to make an illusional world in which the butterflies in the conservatory could light.


This next photo was taken as I lay on my back in the walkway and took the photo straight up through the pieces of glass that lay above me in an archway. The images that my camera captured amazed me. It is almost like a menagerie of sea creatures in amongst flowers. Most who have seen this one say that they see jelly fish and more. This is one of my favorite photos I have ever taken.

For those of you who like to use a camera to capture wonderful pictures I challenge you to take photos of Chihuly art. Take them at varied angles and positions and watch what comes about when you view them. God bless. I hope you capture beauty in your world.  HUGZ


Immerse Yourself

via Daily Prompt: Immerse

Immersion has more than one definition. One definition is to involve oneself deeply in a particular activity or interest.  Another is to dip or submerge in a liquid. Odd how in faith we may have done both.

Baptism is an example of immersion in some faiths.  I have been lucky enough to have been submerged by a man of God at the River Jordan as others witnessed my cleansing. That was something that took but a few minutes yet meant so much to my walk of faith. But, I dare say, that was the easy part of immersion in my walk with faith. The other definition, the one that involves going deeply into an interest is much harder.

Immersion, that daily walk with my faith is something I do okay at some days and not so well on other days. The ability to walk with Christ daily seems to be a challenge as there are other things that seem to get in the way. Our modern world offers up so many things that entertain us and keep us busy. Television and radio are two of them. Having heard sermon after sermon on how we spend more time with both of these things than with God I began to realize that I had what some may call false Gods in my life. So, I began to change how I viewed media. I began to seek ways to shift from the cultural influences on both to the spiritual ones. I now watch and listen to Christian channels more than I ever had. I have even discovered a Jewish channel and have found programs out of Israel that show places I had visited while there as well as new locations. I am now able to immerse myself in things of faith daily. It is not a perfect answer but it is a start.

Immersing myself into a prayerful life is another area wherein I have found small ways to make a difference in my daily walk. I now pray while in the car, while I sew, or when I walk out to get the mail. I have found that my mind is becoming better at flipping into prayer in my mind than it had before. Immersing myself in prayer helps me to obtain the goal of praying unceasingly. I may never master this, but I am making an effort and am seeing progress. I know God sees it as well.

Immersion has more than one definition and if you attempt to follow it faithfully it has more than one challenge in your life. Look for the little things that you can change in order to walk with him more closely. Immerse yourself in his word and listen when he speaks to you. He will help you. HUGZ. God bless.